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Pushali Saffron

Pushali saffron is very vivid because it contains the stylish red stigma with a yellowish tail at the bottom. It contains the stigma with an approximate style of 3 - 7mm. This kind of saffron has lower color strength as compared to Kashmiri and Sargol saffron. It is produced at the early stages of harvesting season. This grade of saffron is not cut like sargol and therefore contains some yellow parts from the style of the plant and also a bit of floral waste.

Pushali Saffron is cheaper in cost than Kashmiri Saffron because of its lower colouring strength as compared to Kashmiri saffron. But still it has its own origin and is used in a distinctive way in different field depending upon its medicinal, colouring and aromatic values. Pushali saffron that we supply is of the best quality.

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