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Negin Pushali Saffron

Negin Saffron is a superior quality of Pushali Saffron. This Negin saffron has much longer and thicker stigmas than the normal Pushali Saffron. Negin saffron is characterized by its very long filaments. This saffron also has a bit of the yellow style left attached to some of the saffron stigmas. This Negin Saffron has a much better colouring strength as compared to normal Pushali Saffron. Negin Saffron is also rated by flavor and bitterness with the quality standard, and the minimum values for these are 20 and 70, respectively.

We also deal in Negin saffron on demand. The Negin saffron that we supply has a very strong chemical composition and strong colouring grade which it is famous for and most probably used in many application.

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